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The District is currently in the easement acquisition stage for the Nolin River Watershed.

The Hardin County Water District No. 2, under the authority of the Hardin County Fiscal Court, has prepared a 20-year Regional Wastewater Facilities Plan for areas of Hardin county without municipal wastewater service. The planning area is all of Hardin County with the exception of Fort Knox, the existing planning areas of West Point, Radcliff, Vine Grove and the revised planning area of Elizabethtown. The recommended plan represents the alternatives with the lowest present worth cost, a minimal environmental impact, and the highest capability for implementation. The recommended plan calls for wastewater to be collected from the high growth areas and areas of greatest public health and environmental need within the planning area and conveyed to various municipal facilities for treatment.

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The District has initiated a planning effort to evaluate providing cost-effective wastewater service to areas with Hardin County that do not have reliable service. The District obtained a grant to fund the study and has selected a consulting engineer to complete the project. The rapid growth experienced in areas without reliable sewer service is creating a threat to human health and the environment. Check back regularly for updates and additional information on the planning process as it unfolds.

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Do you have questions regarding the Waste Water Study or would like to provide any feedback, just e-mail those to mailbox+hardincountywater2+org.