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2017 Best Tasting Water Champion

Each year the Kentucky-Tennessee chapter of the American Water Works Association facilitates a taste test competition to find the water company with the best tasting tap water in the two states. The 2017 competition was held at the Lexington Convention Center on July 10 at the annual conference.

This year, the judges’ panel awarded the “Best of the Best” title to Hardin County Water District No. 2. Adding to the flattery, the judges’ scorecards placed the District eleven points ahead of the second place finisher. The first place finish marked the third time that the District has won this particular title.

“Our water operators give their absolute best to our community day-in and day-out,” said Mike Bell, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. “The best employees will always deliver the best tasting water.”

The District has won 6 best tasting water titles since 2009. This last title comes less than two years after the District changed its disinfectant methods at White Mills and City Springs water treatment plants from free chlorine to chloramines.

“The water treatment operators at the District take great pride in providing the best water possible for our customers,” said John Cruse, Chief Operator at the City Springs water treatment plant in Elizabethtown. “We are honored to achieve the best tasting water award. It was made possible by the hard work of a great team.”

The victory has the added effect of answering recent questions about the District’s ‘Best in Class’ reputation for water quality. Major changes have occurred in the District including the acquisition of the Elizabethtown water system, the conversion from a free chlorine system to a chloramine system, and the connection to the Louisville Water Company which is also a chloramine system. District officials have been confident that these changes would not affect the high standards that are placed on water taste.

“The District has a long history of championships as a free chlorine system. We were all anxious to prove that a chloramine system was not going to affect our great tasting water,” said James Jeffries, General Manager for the District. “Our water quality today is better than ever.”


Text Box: A pair of Judges evaluate and score tap water from competitors’ samples during the AWWA “Best of the Best” competition.The victory clears the way for Hardin County Water District No. 2 to represent the region at the North American “Best of the Best” competition to be held at the National AWWA conference in 2018 in Las Vegas. The District placed in the Top 5 in North America at this competition in 2010.

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